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In conversation with WIRED

Professor Mark Kendall’s inventions have drawn attention from some of the world’s biggest names. Think the World Health Organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and F1 Grand Prix winner Mark Webber AO.

But it’s his focus on everyday people that takes centre stage in a new conversation with WIRED.

Mark spoke with the online tech portal as part of the Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative, which supports innovators working on pressing environmental and scientific challenges.

For Mark and WearOptimo, that means developing the next generation of wearable technology, starting with a personal hydration sensor to help people optimise their fluid levels. 

His interview, which you can read here, also looks at trends such as shifting the focus of healthcare from treatment to prevention, and the acceleration of wearable technology.

As he notes: “There’s stuff we’re doing in my company that wouldn’t have even been possible in human history just three years ago.”