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WearOptimo is committed to building strategic public and private sector partnerships to deliver on our vision for meaningfully transforming global personal healthcare through technology that is affordable and accessible.

As we progress towards commercialisation, we have already secured the support of a range of high-profile institutions and individuals, including those detailed below.

We welcome further conversations with organisations that are interested in advancing the next generation of Microwearable technology and making it available to those who need – and can benefit from it –  most. 

Join WearOptimo's strategic partners:

F1 Grand Prix winner Mark Webber AO

Formula 1 champion Mark Webber AO joined WearOptimo as an investor and strategic partner after meeting CEO Mark Kendall through their mutual association with luxury watch brand Rolex. Impressed by the potential for our Microwearable technology, in particular the focus on elite sport as a key early application of our hydration sensor, the F1 Grand Prix winner has provided invaluable strategic insights into the needs and culture of high-performing teams.

Aspen Medical

The partnership between WearOptimo and leading healthcare provider Aspen Medical represents a shared commitment to revolutionising precision medicine globally. Established through a significant multimillion-dollar investment, the partnership later expanded to include a Strategic Collaboration and Distribution Framework Agreement which will tap into Aspen’s distribution networks across key healthcare markets. Glenn Keys AO, the founder and executive chair of Aspen Medical, also sits on the board of WearOptimo. 

Australian National University

Australian National University (ANU) is one of the world’s leading academic institutions, with a focus on excellence in cutting-edge research and education. As a foundation supporter of WearOptimo it brings both institutional strength and financial support to the ground-breaking partnership, with an ambition to commercialise Australian intellectual property and ultimately build a national asset. It’s a collaboration that showcases the capacity of universities and private companies to jointly deliver necessary innovation.

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The partnership between WearOptimo and Aspen Medical is a significant advancement in healthcare. WearOptimo’s hydration sensors, backed by Aspen Medical’s support, promise real-time detection of hydration status, crucial for industries like mining, military, elite sports and aged care. With Aspen Medical’s expertise, WearOptimo’s tech is poised for global impact. It’s a collaboration that’s set to save lives and establish a new standard in health innovation.

The partnership between the Australian National University (ANU) and WearOptimo represents a transformative leap in medical technology. Leveraging ANU’s cutting-edge research capabilities, WearOptimo is advancing its pioneering wearable health sensors. This collaboration is poised to enhance hydration management outcomes globally, setting new benchmarks in medical innovation and patient care.