The Australian National University’s first partner innovation company WearOptimo opened its Brisbane headquarters, expanding the national university’s presence outside of Canberra.

The WearOptimo enterprise, founded by ANU Entrepreneurial Professor Mark Kendall is an important step in Australia’s innovation narrative: under the ANU Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt’s leadership, ANU are enabling the enterprise to do things differently, accelerating Australia’s competitiveness in innovation.

CEO and Founder, Professor Mark Kendall said WearOptimo is an enterprise configured to compete at-scale in the evolution of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), accelerating innovation developed in the lab and commercialising for broad societal benefit. “At WearOptimo we see our role as helping change the world. Our mission is finding new ways to use technology to help address some of the healthcare challenges facing the world. Our Microwearables™ offer personalised diagnostics across a range of diseases – minimally-invasive, pain-free health monitoring – enhancing quality of life as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC said the enterprise’s work is at the cutting edge of new wearable medical devices.

“Imagine a world where blood tests and other pathology are no longer routine, because your Microwearables™ is capturing all the health information your GP needs,” Professor Schmidt said. “This could be our reality soon, based on the work the WearOptimo team, led by Mark Kendall, is doing.” ANU, Federal and Queensland State Government have committed capital, and discussions have started with Australian and global commercial investors.

The Vice-Chancellor formally opened the premises at 2 Heaslop St, Woolloongabba, Brisbane at 4pm today, Monday 25 March.

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